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About our Journey

“Steff Finds a Friend” by Stephanie Haight and illustrated by Christian Breil…

Steff, the Baby Elephant is an only child in a large Elephant herd. He was invented by Stephanie when telling her 4 year old a bedtime story. Her son laughed out loud when following Steff’s journey out into the grasslands to find something or someone to play with. 20 years later, Stephanie’s son recommended that she make it a storybook and publish for children around the world to find the same joy. So that’s what she did. She met Christian Breil who captured her story beautifully in pictures.

Join us on our journey in self-publishing our book under the name of IAV-Publishing based in Berlin, Germany. A story of fun, curiosity, innocence and joy… a story that my son carried with him into adulthood. 

Retired and determined to remain enterprising--why not publish a story of joy which will be liked around the world? Having an interest in languages and cultures, having worked in an international environment, this will be a story that should work in almost every country, culture and language. Publishing this story will allow me to apply my skills in a totally new way.

Let's get to it!

HI, I’M CHRISTIAN BREIL, the Illustrator

I am a designer, graphic illustrator and narrator. My favorite material is first and foremost: Pencil. 
I love it how an idea fluently flows through my hand on a piece of paper.